2017 birželio 09 Penktadienis

Project "The Signs of Freedom and Identity"

The Project – a cycle of two photography exhibitions, located in different parts of Panevėžys, invites spectators to have a closer look at the city and its main cultural objects. The first exhibition – 16 June, 12 a.m. at Panevezys Bus Station (Savanorių 5).

It is the first exhibition of the project, taking place in 20 different locations, all belonging to the project’s partners. They include not only cultural, art and scientific institutions, but also legal, health, sport and business establishments. Each one of them reveals city’s identity in a unique way and brings significant impact to the developments of free and self-conscious society. Each location exhibits one large format photography and provides references to other locations hosting the exhibition.

Generally, identity is a subjective perception of self by interpreting national specificity, customs, history, government, city, sense of belonging to religious or another community of some kind. In a modern globalized world identity is not inherited, but always chosen consciously. It is important to understand completely who you are, to be free and be able to prevent others from setting identity boundaries for you. On the other hand, ʻidentity is not the words we use while talking about ourselves, our community or culture, but rather talking itself and, especially, willingness to speak about it.’ (Leonidas Donskis. Tapatybė: savęs klasifikavimas ar pasiekimas?)

Through works of art, this project is intended to spread citizenship ideas by recognizing the signs of one’s own freedom and identity. Hopefully, the spectators will not only visit the photographies of famous artists, but also will learn about other important objects of the city.

The project is sponsored by: Lithuanian Council of Culture, Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Lithuania, Panevėžys Municipality