2014 birželio 06 Penktadienis

XIX International Ceramic Symposium. Panevėžys. 2012

Catalogue of the 19th International Ceramic Symposium, having taken place July 3 to August 3,   2012 in Panevėžys. The catalogue presents 7 artists – participants of the symposium: Romualdas Aleliūnas (Lithuania), Tamara Bereza (Ukraine), Gloria Carrasco (Mexico), Itsue Ito (Japan), Valdas Pukevičius (Lithuania), Michal Puszczynski (Poland),  Sergey Sorinsky (Russia).

Catalogue compilation and foreword by Jolanta Lebednykienė, design by Asta Radvenskienė, photography by Evaldas Ivanauskas, Alvydas Ivoškus, translation by Ričardas Pagirys. The release includes biographies of 7 artists, reproductions of art pieces and photos of artists. Texts in the Lithuanian and English languages, 16 pages, dimensions 21x15 cm, prepared for printing by Amalkeros leidyba. 2012