2013 kovo 21 Ketvirtadienis

Art of Aukštaitija'2008. Talisman. 2008

Catalogue of the exhibition Art of Aukštaitija 2008. Talisman, having been on show at the Panevėžys Civic Art Gallery from 06-11-2008 to 23-11-2008. The exhibition included art creation presented by 53 artists from the Aukštaitija region: Panevėžys – 32, Biržai – 6, Kupiškis – 3, Pasvalys – 5, Rokiškis – 7. The catalogue presents the comprehensive panorama of the professional artists of the region currently active in painting, sculpture, ceramics, textile, graphics, jewellery, photograph, objects.

Catalogue compiled by Jolanta Lebednykienė, curator of the exhibition, foreword by Virginijus Kinčinaitis, art writer, design by Asta Radvenskienė, photography by Jonas Linda, translation by Ričardas Pagirys. The release includes biographies of 53 artists and reproductions of art pieces. Texts in the Lithuanian and English languages, 78 pages + cover-folder, dimensions 21×20 cm, prepared for printing by Amalkeros leidyba. 2008

ISBN 978-9986-742-05-0, UDK 73/76(474.5)(06) Au54