2013 kovo 21 Ketvirtadienis

Panevėžys International Ceramic Symposiums 1996-2006. 2007

The catalogue presents the unique collection of ceramics generated during the international ceramic symposiums from 1996 to 2006 and housed by the Panevėžys Civic Art Gallery.

Catalogue editor Jolanta Lebednykienė, introductory articles by Jolanta Lebednykienė, organiser of the symposiums and gallery director, member of the International Academy of Ceramics, Rimas Tadas VisGirda, ceramic artist, member of the International Academy of Ceramics, Virginijus Kinčinaitis, art critic. Design by Asta Radvenskienė, photography by Saulius Saladūnas (slides), included in the catalogue are also photographs from the archives of the Panevėžys Civic Art Gallery, translation by Agnė Narušytė and Aldona Ulevičienė. The release includes biographies of 91 participants of the symposiums, 91 reproductions of art pieces, 18 photos of symposium work. Texts in the Lithuanian and English languages, 144 pages + cover-folder, dimensions 21×20 cm, issued for publishing by Amalkeros leidyba, published by Titnagas, released by Panevėžys Civic Art Gallery. Panevėžys. 2007.

ISBN 978-9986-742-04-3, UDK 738(474.5)(06) Pa-182