The Panevėžys Civic Art Gallery is engaged in broad-scale educational activities involving people of various ages. The purpose of these is to introduce newly emerging techniques, like painting on water, scarbooking, tinted glass painting and others to the public.

The Gallery houses a huge collection of ceramic art pieces generated during the international ceramic symposiums. People attending our educational-creative programs may try their hand in ceramics. Traditional clay and salt dough would be used for crafting.

The Gallery pursues the scheme of developing a separate educational program for every show. It is common practice that an educational program involving qualified presentation of an exhibition, participating artist(s) and various contiguous tendencies in art would be launched. The residents are also invited to attend the educational-creative programs, where they are taught the secrets of art and are provided a possibility of putting their creative ideas to life.

Special projects with participation of experienced artists, who would share their consistent knowledge in various spheres of art, modern techniques and teach how to apply them in practice, are also developed.

The Panevėžys Civic Art Gallery has a cosy backyard decorated with ceramic sculptures. During warmer seasons most educational program would be carried out there in the open air. The participants would be served tea, communicate and feel themselves at home.